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“HOEC BARDAHL INDIA LTD” (HBIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Ltd, (HOEC) which is into oil fields exploration & development in India.

HOEC BARDAHL INDIA LTD (HBIL), the sole authorised distributor for Bardahl products in India, Nepal and SriLanka, is marketing the world famous “Bardahl” brand of auto additives from U.S.A. These products are very popular in the U.S.A, Canada, South America, Europe,


and the Far East markets. Bardahl Manufacturing Corp. USA, our principals, are acknowledged leaders in the field of additives and have a history of over 66 years of commitment to producing quality products which are sold in over 85 countries. These products are also a favourite in the motor racing field, the world over, where extreme performance levels are desired.

Our Team India has dedicated marketing & sales professionals that work with our channel of over 50 distributors having their own network of sub dealers, sales professionals and technicians that are spread across the country.

In India, our products since 1996 enjoy one of the largest patronage amongst similar products. The acceptance of Bardahl products is growing in the cars, utility vehicles, commercial vehicles, 2-wheelers, and the industrial segment, in view of their outstanding quality & superior performance. A few of Bardahl World Class products are approved by Major OEM’s like Maruti Udyog, TATA, Hyundai and TVS.

Our products are also gaining acceptance in the demanding industrial segment for use in D.G.sets, Boilers, Furnaces, Gear Boxes, Transmissions, Mining machinery, Cement plant machinery, etc.

Besides the Petrol & Diesel fuel additive, we have an exhaustive range of additives for Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, Radiators & Cooling Systems and other speciality applications like Engine or Radiator flushing and excessive oil burning & smoke emission.

HBIL with its expertise in the field of Automotive care has successfully introduced an array of Car Care products like car underbody, paint care, engine lacquer and exterior & interior enrichment products which are very well accepted in the market. Our professional service team ensures that our customers get an experience of real luxury from using these products. Not without reason, Honda Cars and Tata Motors in India have approved select UltraCoat / UltraShield range of products. Further HBIL has introduced UltraShield range of workshop consumables approved by Tata Motors, which are required for day-to-day service needs of the workshop.

All Bardahl Oil Additives contain the unique & patented Bardahl’s “Polar Attraction Formula” which is a combination of ingredients that act together to reduce friction & wear and controls harmful deposits. It provides two distinct types of molecular protective films on metal surface to reduce wear & friction.
All Bardahl additives marketed in India by HBIL are 100% imported in bulk and only repacked in small packs here for customer use.

Bardahl additives also have endorsements & recommendations of many international car/vehicle manufacturers abroad.

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